About JY

Jesus Youth is a Catholic youth movement with a charismatic spirituality spread all over India and in a few other countries of the world. Our strength is a Jesus centered life starting with God experience; growing through prayer, sacraments and fellowship; and bearing fruit in a life style of sharing the Good News of Jesus with the others. Though not a community, we are a wide network of strong small fellowship groups. In our own unique life situations we strive to set apart time for the Lord, answering the challenges of today’s world in the power of the Spirit. Well convinced that youth is a time of great generosity and creativity young people at all levels are encouraged to do something good with the Lord. This has resulted in the various ministries and faith formation projects under the wide umbrella of Jesus youth.

Jesus Youth! Who are they ?

They are a network of young people who has experienced the love of the Lord in a personal fship02way and have a taste of the fullness of life in Jesus. They are desirous of leading a genuine Christian life, building, loving evangelistic fellowships in the power of the spirit.

Jesus Youth is a lifestyle based on the Word of God, Sacraments, Prayer and fellowships. It is an orientation towards a Christ centered lifestyle. The basic trust of the movement is use of immense potential of youth power for spreading Christ’s message. Their organized initiatives are known as ministries. They are active in Parish (Parish ministry), College campuses (Campus ministry), Schools (Christeen) and in all walks of life. Some are Farmers, Lecturers, Nurses, Doctors, Engineers, Businessmen and are active wherever they are planted. Though these professional Networks they strive Networks they strive to lead a genuine Christian life. The Rex Band, Living Vision, Out-reaches to slums, hospitals and colonies are some of the other prominent initiatives of Jesus Youth. The backbone of all these initiatives is the spirit and commitment for intercession.