• Intercession Ministry
    The Power House of Jesus Youth Movement – On Mondays we have the Intercession Ministry, here we pray for all the intercession request both from the internet and from the intercession from our intercession box in the chapel
  • Music Ministry
    Thursday is for Music . The Music ministry teaches new songs and brushes up the songs for the general group.
  • Bible Study
    Through the centuries the Bible has proved itself to be a book of high spiritual potency. Many of the finest men and women known to history have drawn their inner strength from its pages. Time and again it has demonstrated a mysterious power to change lives, ennoble to spirit, enrich the mind, enlarge the vision, broaden the sympathies, and transform the desires. Tuesdays is set for Bible study, where we share the views and knowledge of the word of God.
  • Day Scholars Ministry
    Friday we have the Day Scholars Group. We have break from 12:00 -2:00pm on Fridays, the group starts from 12:45- 1:45 during the break time. The day scholars have their time to come in the day-scholars prayer group.