Letter to Pope

On 07/09/1996 Jytkmce had send a letter (scroll) to Pope John Paul II. Think to be one of the first letter correspondence between Jesus Youth and the Holy Father.

† content provided by Joseph John 93-97 Electrical and Electronics Branch

Our Dear Papa,

Most loving greetings in the name of the Lord from all of us here. Hope and pray that our great shepherd is doing fine in the care and grace of our Lord. We are members of a prayer group JESUS YOUTH in an Engineering College in Kerala, India. Jesus Youth is the youth wing of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Church of Kerala. Our prayer group was started in 1987. In spite of the stiff resistance from the authorities, the powerful work of the Holy Spirit for the past years the Lord have enabled this fellowship to motivate many to be disciples of Christ Jesus in today’s world. Now the Holy Spirit is moving so fast in our college. As the Bible says in JOHN 10:16, we realize the need of the hour, as there are other sheep which belongs to me that are not in my sheepfold. I must bring them too, they will listen to my voice and they will become one flock with one Shepherd (John10:16), to fulfill our dream of the complete evangelization in our campus and also a wide vision of world evangelization before the 3rd millennium.

We have a general group gathering on every Wednesdays, during the evening 4 to 6pm. Our prayer group also consists of two spiritually strong ministries-intercession and music ministry. We have got a nice chapel [ Little Flowers Convent ] for which your holiness have monetarily helped us where we have our daily Holy mass and our fellowship prayer meetings. Routine retreats and other renewal programs are being conducted every year for spiritual growth. During our free time i.e., when we are free from college examinations we conduct out reaches to nearby colleges and other charitable institutions like old age homes and spread the Word of God and share the love he showered upon us.

Papa we join your holiness in all your prayers for complete evangelization of the world. We youths have the potential to bring the winds of change in our society and proclaim Jesus Christ-The king of Kings and Lord of Lords to the ends of the world, we also part in your sorrows and moments of joy. Do remember us, our prayer group and our country in your prayers. As our state is so called God’s own county many renewal activities are going on in a faster pace, with many miracles happening and proclaiming Jesus Christ is Lord. Do pray that our prayer group strengthen spiritually in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and be true witness for Christ in our daily life.

Craving for your blessings your holiness remain the same. We do expect a reply from our dear Papa.

Your loving
Brothers and Sisters in Christ
Jesus Youth,
C/o Little Flower Convent,
TKM College P.O.,
Karikode, Kollam-5,
Kerala, India.